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Save your valuable time, money and labour while gaining more and more efficient results with PSSPay - Payroll Solution.

Advantages of Software
* Calculate Salaries & Wages in an Easy and Accurate manner.
* You do not need to do manual form filling as System provides all necessary reports.
* You can find even a detail of a previous month within seconds.
* Minimize human errors.

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Importance of a Payroll Software II

I hope you can remember the earlier note I have written about the same subject.

We have discussed about many important Statutory Reports such as C Form, Form C3 Return, R4 Form, Form II Return, PAYE Tax Deduction, and T-10 

We have discussed about the importance of reports such as Salary Sheet, Coin Analyze, Loan Status and Payslip.

Let's start here..

When you paying salaries.. "Bank t 

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Importance of a Payroll Solution -I

Submitting the documents required by the government would be a huge headache for an organization or a company rather than maintaining a business. 

C Form - for Monthly EPF 
Form C3 Return - for EPF (6 Month)
R4 Form - ETF Monthly
Form II Return -  for ETF (6 Month)
PAYE Tax Deduction - for PAYE Tax monthly
T-10 -  Occurs Annually  for PAYE Tax

There are so many reports like these. Anywa 

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