Payroll Management Software - In a Nutshell

Why a business needs Payroll Management Software?
For any business, the human resource management section is going to be the heart. Other than giving new appointments to employees & removing employees from their jobs, HRM section has a huge responsibility in paying timely salaries accurately.

Manual salary calculations are going to be very difficult as the complexity of salary calculations and the possibility of human errors going high. As more and more allowances, deductions & Loan installments arise other than the basic salary, complexity is going far more higher.

Preparing Statutory reports such as C Form, R4 Form, PAYE, T9A, T10 is going to be very difficult as those reports should be prepared monthly, once a six month or annually considering the salary of each employee.

Some employees may need to transfer part of their salaries, advance payments, allowances or deductions to a bank account via Slip transfer. And sending EPF & ETF reports via a text file (Slip transfer) is the method for the institutions that have more than 50 employees & these preparations are also high time consuming activities.

Pay slip for each employee also to be prepared and all these activities may be highly inefficient because of human errors.

Can't use Excel?
Of course MS Excel or other spreadsheet application would be a most cost effective but incomplete alternative solution. Even though most of the calculations can be done using Excel and its' formulas, it'll be very difficult to find the accuracy. And also you must take into count, only such a person who knows excel well, could create an excel application to achieve all the needs. Even if someone done so, there will neither any flexible reports nor effective data management. This will make everything a mess as files will be grown with the time.

Can't we do it with free downloadable software?
We know that most of the free downloadable software are Trial versions or limited functional software. Even you bought full versions you can't do some calculations you need. PAYE Tax calculation is the best example. PAYE Taxes calculated in sri lanka according to Tax tables of Department of Inland Revenue of Sri Lankan government. So that methods won't be included in a software made in common international standards. And also in statutory reports like C Form, R4 Form, T9A, T10 won't be in sri lankan formats.

So the best option is Sri Lankan product.

What is the difference between other competitive Payroll Management Software and PSSPay - Payroll Management Solution?
Yes, we agree that very few software products exists which can be compared with PSSPay. We have become the best with our excellent service. That's why our solution which is deeply analyzed and well planned by our vastly experienced team becomes the best alternative solution for your business.

You can easily identify why we are the best.

1. Give us an opportunity to present a Demonstration of our software and have an idea of the solutions we are offering on your problems. Give others the same opportunity and experience the difference.

2. Call our current clients and take their comments about us & PSSPay. Do the same kind of coordination with our competitors' clients and feel the difference.

Now the decision will be yours.

PSSPay - The Best Payroll Management Software in the region