Importance of a Payroll Software II

I hope you can remember the earlier note I have written about the same subject.

We have discussed about many important Statutory Reports such as C Form, Form C3 Return, R4 Form, Form II Return, PAYE Tax Deduction, and T-10 

We have discussed about the importance of reports such as Salary Sheet, Coin Analyze, Loan Status and Payslip.

Let's start here..

When you paying salaries.. "Bank transfer" and "Signature Sheet" reports also will be such important as much as the "Salary Sheet". "Bank Transfer" report will contain the information of the employees whose salaries will be transferred to bank while the later contains salary information of the employees who received their salaries in cash, with a column to put his/her signature.

Payroll Summary reports are the next important type of reports. These reports will be more important to have an analyze about the growing institute. You can see some examples below..

There is another important report especially more important for analysis which, shows salary details of a particular employee for a particular period with a comparison for each month in the period. It is Salary Detail by Employee. You can see a sample below.. 


Fixed/Variable Allowances, Fixed/Variable Deductions,  Increments, Salary Advance, NoPay, Late and Overtime reports will give some valuable information to improve the efficiency of institute.

Active Employee List, Inactive Employee List, Terminated Employee List, Employee Profile and Gratuity are also some interesting reports in a payroll system.

I hope to bring you more details with next post..