Importance of a Payroll Solution -I

Submitting the documents required by the government would be a huge headache for an organization or a company rather than maintaining a business. 

C Form - for Monthly EPF 
Form C3 Return - for EPF (6 Month)
R4 Form - ETF Monthly
Form II Return -  for ETF (6 Month)
PAYE Tax Deduction - for PAYE Tax monthly
T-10 -  Occurs Annually  for PAYE Tax

There are so many reports like these. Anyway paying is the most important thing by considering any fact.  But there are a certain set of Reports which are very very important to a Payroll solution. 

Salary Sheet  - If you have money and if you have this report, paying won't be a big issue. 
Coin Analyse (Summary & Detail)  - This report specifies the list of coins or notes( How many 1 rupee coins, 2 rupee coins... etc. and how many 10 rupee notes, 20 rupee notes.... etc. ) This will be more important if you have so many employees to pay. Tea & Rubber estates (have thousands of employees) are using this report.

Payslip is worth for Employees.

Most institutions maintaining many types of Loans (such as Festival Advance, Distress Loan). This should be deducted from salary but has to be hold (stop the deduction temporarily) when somebody requested. We may also wanted to check the status of the loan (i.e. how much deducted, how much to be paid, how many installments to be paid and many more..). Sometimes we found that employee has taken a loan from a bank yet he wants to deduct the amount from the salary and transfer to the bank directly. Now you can understand the complication of the loan management. 

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 Describes the salaries of each employee in detail in a single report for a particular month

 Contains Details of EPF for employees for a particular month. Standard Format.

 Contains Details of ETF for employees for a particular month.Standard Format

 ETF Report for 6 months. Standard format.

 Paye Tax deduction report for a particular month.

 Certificate issued to employee for submit to dept. of inland revenue. Standard Format.

 Coin Analyze on each employee based on their net salary.

 Coin Analyze of all employees based on the summary of their net salaries.

 Show the summary of loans for a particular month

 Show the balances of  loans for particular month

 Show the detail of a loan taken by an employee...